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Got trees and thinking about solar power?

Trees and solar panels. Arborists are often requested to prune or remove trees for clients that either have or want a solar energy system installed. Some justified by the practice by being able to create their own renewable energy, but what's the real cost and is there another way to get your energy more sustainably?

Note the shaded house in the picture above. During my years working in Newcastle, NSW, I've got to tree removal jobs and asked the clients if they have air conditioning. Many don't and it's often a surprise when they get told they're going to need it once the tree is gone. Trees provide so much more than shade. It feels counterproductive to remove something that is good for the environment in order to try and help it. Trees in the right place not only provide shade and cooling for your home, but so much more.

An alternative to pruning or removing trees for solar is to purchase your energy from a Green Power Energy Provider. Although the energy you receive to your home may not be directly from a renewable source, the energy your provider supplies to the grid is. The money you pay for your electricity is invested in to renewable energy sources.

By choosing a Green Power Energy Provider you can support renewable energy AND keep all the benefits of the trees around your property. An important consideration because trees that shade a property from the midday sun often take decades to grow.

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